Learning to Fly, no wings needed

Flying towards Fitness

Flywheel Charlotte has been a great partner for the JLC since they opened in the area and now the fitness studio is helping JLC WearHouse Manager Karen Price on her fitness journey. After some of her family members were in a tragic car accident earlier this year, Karen has found Flywheel to help her mentally as well as physically.

Just a few weeks before the accident I received a five-class pass to Flywheel Charlotte in Cotswald  from Whitni Wilson-Wertz. I had been going to a yoga class a few times a week, but was looking for a solid routine that I loved and would accommodate my schedule. I have struggled with my weight and  I decided that I did not want to be “fluffy” for the rest of my life and if I didn’t get a grip soon I was never going to get rid of my “fluff.” I attended a few Flywheel classes  and was hooked, but then the accident happened and I had to focus on my family.

Now that my parents are doing better, I have restarted my Flywheel journey. There is something to be said for a do over, might I add. It just makes you more determined to achieve your goals. I have changed my eating habits tremendously to mirror what I want to achieve. My co-workers think I am crazy eating tuna every single day, but it is working.

It may seem strange for me to say a cycling class is changing my life, so let me walk you through a class. There is nothing like walking into that cool room, hopping on your bike, seeing the lights go down and hearing the music start pumping. It’s about living in the moment and the only thing that is important in those 45 minutes is breathing and pedaling like your life depends on it. You get out of it what you put in it, so make it count.

If you haven’t tried Flywheel, I encourage you to make time and just do it. I can already see changes in my clothes and especially my face. When your friend tells you it looks like a small family has moved out of the pants you have on, you know it’s working. I have been burning anywhere from 500-700 calories in the stadium cycling class and at least the same in the FlyBarre classes.

If you are interested in Flying with me, I will be posting my workout schedule weekly and you are more than welcome to jump on this moving train. I’ll take all the support I can get and I’d love nothing more than to do the same for someone else.

My Schedule for the Week

  • Tuesday: 4:00pm Flywheel
  • Wednesday: 5:45pm Flybarre – Carrie’s Power Sport class
  • Friday: 4:30pm Flywheel
  • Saturday: 9:45am Flywheel