Flywheel Week Two: No Pain, No Gain

Flywheel Charlotte has been a great partner for the JLC since they opened in the area and now the fitness studio is helping JLC WearHouse Manager Karen Price on her fitness journey.

After three cycling classes, one FlyBarre class and many Epsom salts baths, I find that I am little less sore each week. I am hoping that means that my body is responding fondly to the torment I am putting it through.

I know that I am getting stronger. I proved that to my boyfriendyesterday when we were hanging new light fixtures in our kitchen.,He was on one side of the ladder and I on the other and he said to me “wow, this fixture has no weight to it at all.” I promptly directed his attention to my muscles, since I was holding all the weight and he was shocked by the definition  in my arms after just a few weeks of the FlyBarre classes.

Last Wednesday one of the Flywheel trainers offered to help me track my results by taking my measurements. It was an eye-opening experience. Since I started this fitness journey, I have lost 10 lbs over the last six weeks.

I hope that you will find time to join me in one of my upcoming classes this week.  I have one brave lady flying with me this week, Blair Harrison!  I’m super excited she has decided to join me for cycling on Tuesday.

Karen’s Flywheel Schedule, 7/15 – 7/21


  • Tuesday:  6:00pm
  • Friday: 4:30pm
  • Sunday:  9:30am


  • Wednesday: 5:45pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm