A Presidential Reflection

A Presidential Reflection

We asked Past President Whitni Wilson-Wertz to fill us in…

Marian: Can you share with us your most memorable experience during your role as President of the JLC?

Whitni: I treasure many memories from this incredible journey so please let me name the top three:

1. Getting out and volunteering with our community placements was very important to me as President Elect and President. I loved interfacing with the children at Allegro and the parents at the Salvation Army. I truly loved getting out with all of our volunteers! The Go Kids Go ladies elevated the program this year as was evident in the testimonials. It was a special gift to have my children volunteer with me to better understand their social responsibility to our community.

2. I’ve been surrounded by incredibly intelligent women these past two years. I’ve enjoyed every AJLI conference, every Third Thursday social, each training, management team and Board meeting. Recently through a league training I heard Zainab Salbi speak. Her testimony and dedication to help women in war-torn countries will always be with me.

3. I felt wonderful passing the torch and feeling content that with each year our organization will get better and better. It is rewarding to know our volunteers are there to support each other with a shared dedication.

Marian: Is there a person or group you met or got to know better that you would not have met if you had not been in your leadership role?

Whitni: The opportunity to get to know the Sustainer Board was an opportunity afforded to me as a result of my leadership role. This is a group of women that have sustained a passion for our mission for 30 plus years. It has been an inspiration to learn about their individual journeys.

Marian: What past events in your life or roles within the league helped lead you to the position and desire to be president?

Whitni: Sometimes you are called to do something and your gut tells you such. Every experience I had volunteering as an adult and previously as a child, striving in my career and parenting my children led me to say yes when Nominating Committee asked me to be president. Knowing I had the constant support of my husband and children made it all the better. An opportunity to link hands to serve so many deserving children and families is an honor.

Marian: Do you have any advice to leave for the future presidents of the JLC?

Whitni: Take time to enjoy the experience working with so many dynamic people in community and JLC. Block appointments with yourself for yourself.

Marian: What will you miss the most about retiring from the presidency and what are you most looking forward to?

Whitni: What I will miss most about retiring from the presidency is the JLC Headquarters and Warehouse Staff.

I am most looking forward to really fun dates with the three incredible guys in my life (my hubby and two sons).

Thank you again Whitni for leading us and all you contribute to the JLC!!