JLC and Students plant a Keyhole Garden at Reid Park Academy

The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. helped out in a big way at Reid Park Academy’s family night on April 25. They set up an evening of fun by teaching the students how to make a Keyhole Garden.

This hands-on activity was for kindergarten through 8th grader students and the team helped to divide the kids up into groups to complete age appropriate tasks. The littlest children created a hand washing station from bamboo and a recycled milk jug. Some of the older crew filled up the “keyhole” made of chicken wire with compost. Meanwhile, the middle group hauled mulch from one side of the garden area to cover the compost pile.

This activity was so much fun for the kids and they learned about working as a team as well as how to create a self sustaining garden.

I know that this was a unique experience for the kids as well as our JLC volunteers and we all look forward to beginning our relationship and making an impact on the Reid Park Community starting this year.