Highlight on a Placement: Internal Communications

I wanted to share a little taste of what we, the Internal Communications team, do to make this blog possible with our NewsRelease Blog followers. I am new to the JLC and when choosing my spring placement, I was drawn to this team because of the diversity of the work involved.

Everyone working on this team essentially works together to create the blog, but we also blog independently to cover different stories and events throughout the JLC. We want to give our readers a glimpse into different facets of the JLC that they may not be able to be directly involved in, and we also want to encourage our readers to explore with us by attending upcoming socials or volunteer events.

Certain bloggers highlight exceptional women doing wonderful things within the JLC and the community, while other bloggers take you into the WearHouse to see what kind of awesome spring outfits you can find for a low, low cost!

We meet once a month to discuss ideas and upcoming events that need to be covered. We also get great tips from our leaders and then divvy up the work for the next month. This is a really fun and creative placement to be involved in, and you do not have to be a professional blogger to be a part of our team.

If you are interested in doing some investigating into the JLC or collecting information about people and events, and then writing about your experiences then you may want to consider Internal Communications as a placement for you in the future!