Why I Joined the Junior League

Growing up volunteer work wasn’t something that you really thought twice about. It was just something you did.
I started volunteering with my church at a young age.  Later on, when I was in high school I started working with people with developmental disabilities and in college I volunteered with people who were sight impaired.
When I moved to Charlotte 12 years ago I knew I wanted to become part of the Junior League of Charlotte because I wanted to be part of the community, give back and meet new people. I have gained all of that and so much more from the JLC.
Now in my tenth  year with the JLC, I have lifelong friends I’ve met through membership and my volunteer work, and I have found out just how  amazing the community we live in is. There are so many people in our organization and partner organizations who have a strong passion for helping others in their time of need.
Through the years I’ve recruited several other young women to join the JLC and become part of this wonderful group of female volunteers but there are others I find hesitant because of the time commitment.
Well, although  it is a time commitment,  the JLC is an organization that works with women to find the perfect volunteer placement for each individual.  I’m a strong believer that giving back to the community that is giving you something is the right thing to do.
If it’s not the Junior League of Charlotte, then find something that fits your needs and do it.
Here’s to volunteering!

 Deanna Stephens

Photo credit: DeAnna Stephens