What I Found at the WearHouse: Fur Fashion

Just one look into the JLC WearHouse window and you can’t resist the temptation to take a peek inside.  Once inside, you will see the latest styles and fashions that will help you look your best for the upcoming holiday season.  Not only are there styles for the holidays, but new looks for the work place as well as fashion for your playful side.
If furs are hot on your list, forget the department stores, the  JLC WearHouse is full of furs. No matter you taste you are sure to find something you desire. There are long furs, short furs, stoles, wraps and even fur vests. The array of colors are absolutely stunning. Feel free to  dress the furs up, or dress them down with the latest designer jeans at the warehouse.
Ladies, if you are into boots, and who isn’t, there are styles to fit every taste.  They range from cowboy boots, ankle boots, to knee high boots.  You are sure to find a boot just right for this upcoming winter season. 
While visiting the WearHouse, I ran into Emilie Moseley, a JLC WearHouse volunteer, and formerly the Merchandise Chair.  She graciously gave me some insight into the latest fashions trends.  According to Emilie, men’s fashion crosses over into women’s fashion.  So this year look for lots of haberdashery items, tweeds and bold colors.  Gemstone colors, such as sapphire, are really in this year as well.. 
I also found stylish skinny leg pants and bold colored sweaters to top off those skinny pants.  If you have little ones, the JLC is the place to shop for kids of all ages. 
If you are currently cleaning out your closet at home to make a donation to the WearHouse, Emilie also wanted to spread the word that they can always use accessories, handbags, jewelry, shoes and kids clothing, which seem to fly off the shelves.
Don’t let this month go by without checking out the JLC WearHouse, you are sure to come out with a bargain item that will be the talk around the holiday table.  Have fun shopping and supporting the JLC WearHouse.
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