University Area Parlor Meeting Recap

By: O’Hentrice Love

Christine Sperow carved pumpkins with the JLC logo for her parlor meeting.

By now most Junior League of Charlotte (JLC) members have received a letter in the mail asking for a monetary gift toward our annual campaign. If you’re like me you were probably wondering what the annual campaign is about, recently I found out. Several JLC members gathered at a Chick-fil-A eatery in the University area Tuesday, November 13, for a parlor meeting where Tamara Blackett explained the purpose and goals of our annual campaign.

The JLC’s annual campaign runs from September through April. This year’s fundraising goal is to raise $55,000.

Right now the JLC is 31% of the way to that goal and leadership hopes for 100% member participation . The money will provide additional funding for various programs.

When one member asked why are we asked to give more in addition to our dues? Blackett answered, “The annual campaign exists because dues can’t do it all.”

Overall, attendees said they were leaving the meeting with a better understanding of our annual campaign and how funds are allocated.

“I found the meeting very informative and the flow chart helpful, said JLC member Lashaune Tisdale. “Learning more about the campaign allows a better opportunity to plan.”

Other members like Taurus Jamison said, “I’ve been with the league for five years. I’m not really walking away with any new information, but I thought the message was very clear.”

“The JLC Annual Campaign is a wonderful place to make a donation or pledge before the end of the year.  Donations can be made online, and pledge cards can be printed from the website and mailed to the JLC,” said Tami Backlinie Burris, Fund Development Council Manager. “I feel this is a wonderful way to give back while appreciating all we have to be thankful for this holiday season.”

Anyone can give any amount to the annual campaign through April 30.