The JLC Mentor Program

This year’s JLC Board of Directors has a Member Relations Subcommittee, which has been tasked with creating meaningful opportunities for members to interact and serve their community beyond the JLC’s existing placements. One such opportunity the subcommittee is focused on is the JLC Mentor Program.

The idea for this program came from other Leagues around the country as well as corporations who have similar programs. The Member Relations Subcommittee saw the program as an ideal way for active members to receive guidance and education from more seasoned members or sustainers in the areas of JLC leadership, networking within the league, as well as career development if desired. The JLC Mentor Program is very pleased to have 19 mentor-mentee pairs in its inaugural year. That number both met the desired program size and helps make the group manageable for trainings, follow-up and support.

The program application was rolled out in October and the applicants have recently been paired with their mentors. Applicants were paired with special emphasis on their desired goals for the program and by using their responses to questions asked on the applications. The program participants have been notified and are excited to begin. A kick- off event for the JLC Mentor Program is planned for tonight.

The mentors and mentees will meet at this time and learn information on creating valuable relationships through a mentor program. There will be two subsequent group events – February 4 and May 6. Outside of these planned activities the mentors and mentees are encouraged to maintain monthly contact with one another, either in person or via email or phone. The JLC Board of Directors and the Member Relations Subcommittee has high hopes for the program’s success in its first year and that it will continue in the years to come.