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Member Monday: Kellie Lofton

Member Monday: Kellie Lofton


This Monday, we are featuring Junior League of Charlotte member Kellie Lofton as part of our Member Monday series. Kellie is the vice chair of the Nominating Committee and is currently an accountant at Wells Fargo. Read more about the Winston-Salem native below.


1) Thanks for taking time to share some personal insights with us today. Can you give us some background information about you?

I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am the daughter of two retired educators and my father is a pastor (yes, I was a PK).  My brother (who is only 16 months older than me) and I spent much of our childhood alongside our parents as they served our community by visiting the sick in hospitals and nursing homes, counseling children and families and giving of their time and resources.  Through their example, we learned you should always be grateful for what you have and committed to helping others in any way you can.  I credit their example as the source of my commitment to serving others.


After graduating from high school, I attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received my BS in Business Administration and Masters of Accounting. While in school, the first day of college in fact, I met my amazing husband, Brandon. Upon completing my Master’s program, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began my career as an accountant with a public accounting firm. A few years later, Brandon and I got married and moved to Charlotte after Brandon completed law school in New York and accepted a position with a firm in Charlotte. Now, here we are, two kids and a dog later. As they say, the rest is history!


2) What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?


The best decision: joining the Junior League, of course! Worst decision: probably the time I sledded down a steep hill and crashed right into my brother.  In my defense, he was supposed to jump the sled. However, he didn’t clear it and wound up with a concussion and in the emergency room. This was definitely not my finest childhood moment.


3) What woman inspires you and why?


Michelle Obama. “When they go low, we go high!” Throughout President Obama’s term, no matter the political controversy or discourse of the day, she always remained optimistic and exemplified so much grace. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and a true embodiment of compassion, dignity and integrity.  Furthermore, she is a true example of a loving, nurturing and devoted wife and mother. I could go on and on, but it would literally take up this entire editorial.


4) From start to finish, what would your ideal day be like?


I’ll describe an ideal Saturday. I would begin the day by taking a morning class at the gym. Next, and hopefully before my kids wake up, I would spend a little time reading and reflecting while drinking a nice, warm cup of coffee. Coffee would be a critical factor! I would follow with a fun family hike on Crowder’s Mountain, which would include my husband, my two sons, little Brandon and Caleb, and our dog, Halley. After our hike, if we still have the energy, we might play tennis together as a family for an hour or so. Afterwards, I would meet up with several girlfriends at the spa and enjoy a late afternoon of pampering. Later, I would enjoy dinner and time with my family, either playing board games or watching a movie. My absolute favorite part of every day is spending the end of the day together, as a family. After my kids go to bed, Brandon and I would enjoy some down time, which is hard to fit in most days with the hustle and bustle of managing work and busy-kid schedules.


5) What keeps you up at night?


To my core, I hope that I am fulfilling my God-given purpose and hope that I am setting a good example for my boys to strive for the same. I don’t want to live a life that’s all about me or ”mine.” I can’t think of anything worse than to grow old and realize that nothing I did changed anything or made things better for anyone other than myself.


6) If you could tell your 23-year-old self-one thing what would it be?


“The days are long, but the years are short.” Someone once provided this wisdom to my husband as it relates to the tiresome phases of raising kids, and I also believe this to be true of life in general. Life is much too short for regret. Figure out what you love and start moving in that direction NOW.  Also, with patience and fortitude, be sure to enjoy the journey along the way.


7) One thing people would be surprised to learn about you?


As a kid I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED riding dirt bikes in the mountains with my brother and cousins. Many of my friends know that I was a dancer for much of my life, but I also had a healthy dose of tomboy to balance it all.


8) How has the Junior League of Charlotte helped you develop your potential, taught you something unique, and/or given you an opportunity that you never would have had otherwise?


I love being a part of an organization filled with purposeful and committed women. Their energy and passion is contagious to me. I find it powerful that the League is a volunteer organization. Our work is possible because of women who choose to be here and volunteer countless hours in order to be part of something greater than themselves. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer alongside such amazing, compassionate and dedicated women.


Additionally, serving the League has allowed me to mature as an advisor, a mentor, a project manager, a consultant, a motivator when times are tough, a Board member, and even as a friend. Grateful is really an understatement.


Written by Marielle Harris