Why I joined the JLC

As a young girl, I grew up in a family that could always be found helping out in the community, the school, the church and various other functions.  Our community was close knit and everyone was expected to help or give in some capacity.  I believe this experience built a foundation and instilled the spirit of helping and serving in me.

Later I joined Girl Scouts, 4-H, Junior Achievement, and I participated in church mission events.  This continued to build upon the foundation of servanthood.  I always enjoyed planning events, helping others, and seeing the benefit brought by hard labor.

While attending UNC-Greensboro, I pledge Delta Sigma Theta, Omicron Eta chapter. It was through this sorority that my knowledge and commitment to servanthood deepened. We were always in the community and this added to my love of helping others.

This path continued for me as I became a mother of three and was heavily involved in volunteerism in their schools.  Between PTA, Booster Clubs, cheerleading, little league, volunteerism and fundraisers, the schools became my second home.

After my children graduated from high school, it left a void and I found myself yearning to help, but didn’t know of how to continue serving.  It was during that time that Whitni Wertz, former President of Junior League, great friend and fellow church member approached me about the Junior League.  I knew if Whitni was a part of this program, I had to look into it.  Once I came to the interest meeting and witnessed the sisterhood and genuine fellowship at the JLC, I quickly made my decision to join.  Therefore, my reason for joining was to continue the legacy of servanthood that was instilled in me as a young girl.

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