What I found at the WearHouse

Last month while volunteering at the WearHouse I was able to help a man choose a suit for a job interview.  The WearHouse has a wonderful selection of men’s suits, dress shirts and ties.  He chose a Brooks Brother’s suit for $75, a Hugo Boss shirt for $10 and a pair of Cole Haan leather shoes for $20.  He looked like a million bucks but spent just over $100.  He was thrilled with his purchase and I sure hope he got the job.

When I got home that night I took a hard look in our closets and thought about the things that didn’t fit or quite work but we were holding onto because they had been expensive.  My thoughts went back to the man I’d met and the confidence he left the shop with.  I realized that these items weren’t blessing me, they were taking space from me.  Then I imagined who might purchase them at the WearHouse?  How thrilled someone would be with these shoes I never wear or the jacket that’s hung too long in the back of my husband’s closet.  It could give them the boost they need to interview for a job, add to a special event or just make them feel good.  Thinking of those blessings made it easy to let go and add them to my pile of donations.  I’m a certified pack rat but a few hours at the WearHouse had a profound effect on the way I donate.

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