We Connect With Each Other

As we prepare for our November General Membership Meeting, this week’s #WeConnectWednesday looks into one HARD working JLC woman – Michlene Healy.  She not only works hard as a member of the JLC Member Initiatives Committee, which we will hear more about at our November GMM, but outside of the JLC, she’s working hard to help women across Charlotte get in amazing shape.  Michlene makes being a leader look easy, but behind the scenes, she does not shy away from hard work.

1.  Why did you decide to become an instructor at Hilliard Studio Method?

My interest in teaching Hilliard Studio Method is a personal one. I was beginning to hit a wall with my daily workouts until HSM helped me transform myself both physically and mentally. After that, I wanted to help other people feel the same way. I am inspired daily by each HMS trainer and am so proud to be a first-hand witness to the growth and evolution of the Method. I deeply believe in the impact that HSM has made not only through the rigorous workout but through the lifestyle and sense of camaraderie within the Charlotte community.

I believe that Liz and Clary are revolutionizing the status quo of how we can do it all. I love the words up on the left wall of the studio: “BE POWERFUL.”  Each trainer is an example of this. They are powerful in their training, presence, and most importantly, their daily lives. I also have learned so much from the Health Tips in the weekly newsletter, and the HSM Signature Smoothie is the ONLY way I start my day. In fact, my entire family drinks it in the morning every day!

2.  What was the biggest challenge in completing your teacher training?

There were several challenges in completing the HSM training.  Besides the overall physical rigor of the training, Liz and Clary have one of the most comprehensive training programs. It is all encompassing from physical training, to CPR certification, to an understanding of overall nutrition and anatomy.  Though it was a strenuous training process, I developed a more holistic understanding of women’s health and fitness. It is so comforting to know what our trainers go through to become a trainer at HSM. I know that now and am thankful to have such a strong foundation for teaching Hilliard Studio Method.

3.  What is your favorite thing about teaching HSM classes?

Oh wow! I don’t think I have enough space for this one so I will try to be conciseJ. I immediately think of the motivation and promotion of our inner strength through the positivity and energy that everyone at HSM exudes. Each of the HSM trainers does this so elegantly and with such grace. And how could I not mention the ENITRE body transformation-it’s an all-encompassing GAME CHANGER in my mind! To that end, I hope to provide a high level of support throughout the rigorous workout so that you leave feeling more powerful than you did when you walked in the door.

4.  What has been your favorite JLC placement to date?

Honestly, each placement has been such a great experience. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors for both Elizabeth Kovacs and Kelly Cobbs, chairing several fundraisers and being on three different fundraising task force committees. I also loved preceding Beverly Shull as Fund Development Council Manager and learned so much from Erin Maddrey and Lisa Johnson by serving on Nominating with them. I am very excited about this year’s placement on the Membership Initiatives Committee tasked by Beverley and the Board of Directors to collect, analyze and further understand the needs of our members and to ultimately ensure member satisfaction and drive more interest in the League. I am encouraged by this initiative and am very excited about the year ahead!