Update From The Leadership Development Institute

After October’s energizing kick-off with Leadership Charlotte’s Executive Director, Elizabeth McKee, the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is in full swing! During November’s session, participants tapped into the strengths of the JLC’s very own Chrissy Fischer. Not only is Chrissy a full-time mom, a member of the JLC’s Nominating Committee, and the head trainer for CISV USA, an International Peace organization, she is passionate about developing servant leadership skills and is a gifted workshop facilitator.  Under Chrissy’s direction, LDI participants completed the Leadership Compass Self-Assessment to identify their primary leadership directions: North (Action), South (Empathy), East (Vision), or West (Analytical). The Leadership Compass is based on the Native American practice of the Medicine Wheel or the Four-Fold Way, in which every direction has a primary “human resource” that is utilized to navigate the world.

Although all leadership directions have strengths and challenges, Chrissy helped LDI members realize that every person has the capacity to develop the weaker directions.  By challenging participants’ thinking about working with their directional opposites or creating an “ideal placement” with like-minded directions, Chrissy Fischer helped this year’s LDI class become stronger leaders for the League, and in their personal and professional lives. Given the season, that is something to truly be thankful for!


~Kelly Near