Spring and Summer Sides Series: Pineapple Cheese Spread

If you are new to reading these food related posts, I have started a Spring and Summer Sides Series highlighting what I consider to be the best sides for your upcoming get-togethers.  All recipes are from the 30th anniversary edition, “The Charlotte Cookbook,” published by the Junior League of Charlotte.
This is the fourth recipe in the six recipe series. 
Pineapple Cheese Spread (contributed by Mrs. John Dabbs)
1 fresh pineapple
2 pounds grated sharp cheese
1 large package (softened) cream cheese
3 or 4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
few drops hot sauce (Tabasco)
1 small grated onion
1/2 cup mayonnaise
Mix all ingredients (except pineapple) together and refrigerate. 
Day of use: soften mixture for three or four hours at room temperature. 
Slice pineapple lengthwise into two pieces, leaving all of green top on one piece. 
Using that piece, scoop out pineapple and fill with cheese, score cheese like a pineapple and use cloves and green cherries for decoration. 
The cheese will acquire some of the pineapple flavor.