Second Harvest Committee

I have heard of Second Harvest and knew that the JLC had a committee devoted to this Charlotte-area food bank, but I had no idea the extent to which they were helping feed so many families in need.  This committee packs around 200 backpacks twice a month, so 400 total! 
What is a Second Harvest backpack?  Well, the Second Harvest Backpack program provides a backpack full of nutritious, ready to eat or easy to prepare foods to children at risk of hunger. The students take home the backpacks each Friday and on holidays. Backpacks contain foods such as peanut butter, tuna or chicken, breakfast bars, macaroni and cheese, soup, canned fruit, raisins and pudding cups.  School teachers and counselors say the children often tell them this is the only food in the house for the entire weekend.
The committee also delivers 55 backpacks to Reid Park Academy each Friday. If you are committed to helping feed hungry kids then this would be the committee for you to be a part of next year!   What ways do you know of for helping feed the hungry, especially during the holiday season when there are so many families in need?

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