Pinning with Pinterest

Pinterest is like your own personal online magazine.  I heard about Pinterest while dining with some of my fellow Junior Leaguers.  It seemed so exclusive – I had to be invited to be a member.

I was curious.  Since that time I’ve been “pinned.”  I’ve been able to create boards of pictures, quotes and just general stuff that I’m interested in.  Which for me is food, decorating, fashion and children.

My first pin was for creamscicle cupcakes.  I found a great recipe.  I became hooked.  I then typed in the color orange because my sister is getting married next year and her colors are orange and white.  More inspiration – any and everything related to this beautiful sunny color popped up.  A beautiful orange wallpaper with a graphic print, orange nail polish, flowers – anything.  Pinterest is like my own virtual magazine that I can customize with my own interests.  No longer do I have to cut out magazine pictures and paste or tape them into a scrapbook.  I can pin my way happy.  Once you join Pinterest, you can invite Facebook friends and buddies from other social media sites to join you in the pinning frenzy.

– Arissa