New Year’s Resolutions

Just over a week into 2013… how are your resolutions holding up?

Here are the resolutions some JLC members made for 2013.

“Watch less TV and read more than in 2012.”
-Makayla Thrower, Annual Campaign Vice Chair

“One of mine is to slow down and make more time for myself.”
Kirsten Pittman, Communications Council Manager

“Surprisingly, my New Year’s resolution came from the fourth hour of the Today Show – with Kathy Lee and Hoda – they advised taking an extra five minutes in the morning for yourself. No rushing around, no looking at email, just five minutes to center your thoughts for the day. It’s supposed to increase productivity!”
-Katie Zach, Family Team Vice Chair

“One of my resolutions is to have one meal a day that is GMO free. My hope is that it will lead to two meals and eventually all meals that are GMO free, but by starting with my goal as one I hope it’s more attainable.”
-Lexi Parisi, March Money Madness Vice Chair

“Converting from a paper calendar to my iPhone calendar.”
-Whitney Sturge, Lights! Camera! Fashion! Vice Chair

“My resolution is to run a 5k in March.”
-Lindsay Greenwood, Education and Training Council Manager

“I hope to reduce the amount of sugar I eat and take yoga and Pilates maybe even belly dancing!”
-Arissa El-Amin, Internal Communications Team

“I have three resolutions for 2013. First, be more committed to fitness and let go of my reliance on the treadmill! I vow to get my Flywheel on and try this yoga thing everyone seems to love (I am so behind)! Second, read more. My list of books I want to read is always growing and I never seem to make much of a dent in it (don’t tell me what happens in Gone Girl… haven’t gotten to it yet!). Finally, my last resolution is simple and borrowed from Pinterest… enjoy the little things.”
-Kristin Zach, Internal Communications Vice Chair

“My resolution this year is to drink more water.”
-Ginny Dodds, Internal Communication Team

“My resolutions this year are to read and relax more and cut back on worrying on things outside of my control.”
-Christina Gratrix, Internal Communications Chair

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