Members Boost Consignment Items at the JLC WearHouse

Thanks to our members who consigned their designer wares, the WearHouse is now FULL of high-end merchandise! And just in time for the holidays!  We have offered a consignment booth at the GMM as well as “no appointment needed” drop-offs to get our membership to see just how easy it is to consign at the WearHouse. Now the WearHouse is stocked with our favorite gals: Tory, Lilly, Diane, Kate, Ella, Trina, and others. Perhaps you need something to wear to your work holiday party, or your neighborhood cocktail? Chances are you will find something perfect at the WearHouse, for a fraction of what you would pay at the mall. Be sure to drop by soon to check out what others have consigned! And a huge “thank you” to all of our members who have consigned and donated to the WearHouse!