Meet a Transfer Member

Join me in welcoming transfer member Megan Christenbury to the Charlotte League, and spend a few minutes getting to know her.

1. Where did you transfer from and how long have you been in JLC?
Greensboro, NC League. I moved here in June 2012.

2. What brought you to the Queen City?
My work. I work for Oxner, Thomas & Permar and moved from the Greensboro office to the Charlotte office.

3. What was your favorite fundraiser / social / other event from your former League?
Touch a Truck. This is a large family/community event that the Greensboro League puts on in the fall. It is exactly as the name reflects–they get a lot of different trucks (ie. fire trucks, military vehicles, ambulance, buses, etc.) and a ton of vendors and have a big event for the community that is very affordable.

4. What’s your favorite part of living in Charlotte?
The restaurants and just walking around Uptown and South End.

5. Have you discovered any favorite place in Charlotte we should know about? Restaurant? Cute Shop?
I love Handpicked (jewelry store). Every time I go in there I find some amazing jewelry. I also really like the Common Market.

6. What are your summer plans?
I am going to Ireland in May with my family.