Kwain Bryant Speaks to Junior League Members about Leadership

Kwain Bryant, CEO of Empowerment Exchange, spoke to the Junior League of Charlotte on Tuesday, November 5 about leadership. We have many women who are leaders within the League. We are also leaders in our workplaces, churches, homes,and many other areas in our lives. His speech applied to women in all different types of leadership roles.
Bryant reinforced that there are many different types of leaders and many different responsibilities that we have as leaders, but the quality that helps us to maintain and become the most effective leader is character. He spoke about how we cannot be high functioning leaders without morality and ethics. Others will follow you when they see something in you that they want to have in themselves.
In our day to day lives, each of us is a leader in some way. This speech was a great reminder to practice humility, compassion, integrity, justice, and moral courage to help us succeed in our leadership roles.