Kids in the Kitchen – Thompson Child & Family Focus

Last month, volunteers from the Junior League of Charlotte gathered at the Thompson Child & Family Focus center in Charlotte to spend the evening with a group of kids for a Halloween-themed lesson in healthy snacking. The event, a partnership between the Thompson placement and the Kids in the Kitchen placement served up healthy fun for the season. With parents in a nearby session (general session info), the fifteen children, ages 2-6 created spooky banana “spiders” and healthy “candy corn” yogurt parfaits.

With healthy whole bananas (for the body), crunchy pretzels (for the legs), tasty dried cranberries (for the eyes) and spicy cinnamon (to create a ‘hairy’ spider), the kids built their spindly spider snacks that packed a healthy punch of potassium and vitamin C! The second snack of the evening featured the bright colors of a Halloween favorite – candy corn! These tasty yogurt parfaits were topped with mandarin orange slices and pineapple to create that tri-colored look in a healthier treat.

Parents – keep these recipes handy for Halloween gatherings in the future. The kids had a great time preparing these seasonally themed treats and enjoyed the delicious flavors of these nutritious snacks.

Spindly-Spider Banana Treats                                              “Candy Corn” Yogurt Parfait

1 Whole Banana (body)                                                                 Vanilla yogurt

Pretzel Sticks (legs)                                                                         Pineapple (canned or fresh)

Dried cranberries (eyes)                                                               Mandarin oranges

Ground cinnamon (hair)                                                               Layered to create the fun tri-color look of candy corn

Spindly-Spider Banana Treats
Spindly-Spider Banana Treats