Kids in the Kitchen: Let’s talk turkey!

Kids in the Kitchen: Let’s talk turkey Seasonal fun at the Naomi Drenan Recreation Center – Salvation Army event

By: Dana Obrist

Turkey time is upon us, and the Kids in the Kitchen committee created some fun, and healthy snacks to be thankful for this season! On November 5th, volunteers from KITK gathered at the Naomi Drenan Recreation Center for an event with the Salvation Army. Approximately 40 kids and their parents partnered with eight Junior League of Charlotte volunteers to make some fun turkey creations.

The participants each started out with the nutritional powerhouse red delicious apples – which made the perfect base to build a healthy turkey shaped snack. With toothpicks, some Cheerios and a few sweet treats from the season – candy corn and marshmallows – the kids were able to build their very own treats to gobble up!

The kids were split into two groups to make sure everyone had room to move. While the turkey builders were putting together their fun treats, others were learning all about what makes a healthy plate at meal time with a JLC favorite activity – MyPlate. Based on the FDA recommendations, MyPlate teaches kids how proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy should play a role in each meal.

These Tom Turkeys are fun to eat – and pack a nutritional punch at snack time during any season, but are especially tasty during the season of giving thanks! Have a little fun with your family this holiday season and see how to create some gobbling good fun at your holiday table! #WeConnect  #JLCharlotte  #JLCBlog