JLC Puppets

The Junior League Puppets committee has been a placement with the Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. (JLC) since 2008. Partnering with Grey Seal Puppets, Inc. and the Merancas Foundation, the committee performs their show “You Are What You Eat” at several schools and festivals, as well as Levine Children’s Hospital.

The purpose of the 20 minute show is to use puppets to inform young children about making healthy eating choices. The script follows a game-show format where a host asks contestants to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods. The contestants ask the audience for help, including the children in the performance.

The committee members use rod puppets and follow a soundtrack produced by Grey Seal Puppets. This year they released the DVD of the show and now have a book to accompany the show, “Junkfood Jake Turns It Around!” as well as a workbook to go along with the show.

There are up to 10 committee members total, and duties for each show include event set-up, welcome/introduction, performance of the show (4 puppeteers per show), and break down/clean up.  Transportation and care of puppet show equipment is also required.  The Puppet Committee also helps with the promotion of the Dental Hygiene DVD, “Keep Your Teeth Clean with Pearl the Tooth Queen,” as well as the DVD and book based on the production, “You are What You Eat.”

A professional puppet theater (Grey Seal Puppets) designed the puppets, stage, and props for the JLC and provided a prerecorded soundtrack. The first part of the placement involves being trained to operate the puppets. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE, SINGING, OR ACTING SKILLS ARE REQUIRED. There is a soundtrack, so you do not have to do the voices!  This is a fun, unique placement that provides volunteers a great opportunity to interact with children and promote healthy habits.