From Brunch to Bridge – JLC Recipes

My parents were in town for over a week and just recently left.  I love having them in town for visits. They are such a big help fixing up our newly purchased home and with watching our toddler, Mason.

So when my mom asked if I could drive her around to some local garage sales, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes.  It was the least I could do after all she has done for me.  Plus it was a good way to spend time with each other, without my dad or husband around.

We headed out early Saturday morning in search of the best garage and estate sales south Charlotte had to offer.  At our second stop of the morning I came across what I considered to be a hidden treasure among piles of debris …

The Charlotte Cookbook, 30th Anniversary Edition, by The Junior League of Charlotte

At $0.50 I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own my first Junior League cookbook. 

I’ve enjoyed flipping through the pages, especially the first section of the book “Homes and Menus.”  These 15 pages or so list various set menus, such as:

* Brunch for Houseguests – featuring hot buttered grits, cheese biscuits, etc

* Summer Luncheon on the Terrace – featuring grapefruit and avocado salad, brownie cupcakes, and iced coffee

* Informal luncheon – featuring spinach soufflé, hot rolls, coffee or tea

* Bridge luncheon – featuring seafood casserole, sherry pie, iced tea with mint

* Buffet supper for 12 – featuring chicken country captain, croissants, miniature lemon chess tarts

* Afternoon tea – cheese and chutney sandwiches, Russian tea, marguerites

* Stag dinner – shrimp and crabmeat cocktail, wild rice casserole, cherries jubilee

* Luncheon around the pool – gazpacho soup, salmon mousse, white grapes divine

I can’t wait to select the recipes that I’ll try out and blog about for y’all!  If anyone owns the same Junior League cookbook, what’s your favorite recipe?