JL Charlotte Parlor Meetings Making a Statement

As members of the Junior League of Charlotte, it’s important for us to all gather several times a year to connect on business and community needs.  In the past, monthly meetings generally involved the entire membership getting together; however, in the last few years, based on member feedback, JLC leadership arranged to have a few membership meetings cater to smaller groups, otherwise known as “parlor meetings.”
These meetings are held inside a member’s home or place of business, and several options to meet are held all over the city on different times and dates.  Members can sign up for a parlor meeting that works with their personal schedule.  The parlor meetings have become a huge hit with membership because it allows the women to mingle and socialize with members that they otherwise, would have never had the chance to meet.
This year, the parlor meetings are held to talk with membership about the JLC’s Cornerstone Campaign.  It’s an informational and educational meeting to encourage members to support the campaign.  This year’s Cornerstone, of course, focuses on Reid Park (More information on the campaign and how to donate can be found by clicking here.)
Mary Sherrill Ware, the hostess of the meeting that I attended, even took the socializing aspect to a different level by organizing a fun wine tasting event.  We were all asked to bring two bottles of wine under $10.  One bottle would be entered into the ‘competition’ and the other bottle would go into the prize pool.
Mary Sherrill kept track of who brought what and put all the wines in paper bags with numbers on them.
She knew that my bottle was, you say, #1.
The paper bag part is brilliant because then people can’t be swayed by fancy labels or brands. Then we split into two groups.
Depending on what wine you entered into the competition, you were either in the red wine room or white wine room.  It seemed most of the ladies brought and chose to taste reds.  There were only 3 or 4 people in the white room!!
The red group was so big that we actually split up into two groups.
Half of us tasted about eight wines and the other half tasted the other eight wines.
We had a sheet and rated each wine on a scale of 1 to 10.
In the end the person who brought the favorite wines of the three groups got to take home wine in the prize pool!
Given that 25 people attended, that means there were 25-bottles of wine split between three women to take home!!!
This was such a fun idea for a party and a great way to get members up and mingling after the business portion of the meeting.
Hooray for fun parlor meetings!