Flywheel — Firsthand Experience

If you’re looking for a super intense workout, then Flywheel spinning is for you.  I joined some fellow Junior League members at the free class on earlier this month.  

I’ve only done a spinning class once, back in college, so I was expecting the worst and thought I would be a huge embarrassment.  For some reason I have no problem endurance-wise with running … spinning, on the other hand, totally takes it out of me.   

When you first arrive you tell the lovely ladies at the counter what size shoe you need.  It was very reminiscent of going bowling.  After I got my snazzy shoes I headed over to the locker area where you are told to stash everything but your water bottle – INCLUDING your phone! 

Flywheel shoes

 The room is set up stadium-style, with elevated rows of spinning bikes; there is no “bad” seat in the house.  The instructor is front and center and controls the club-like music that pulsates through the room.  The lights are out so you’re sitting in almost complete darkness as you pedal away with the other people working out.  It’s really kind of exhilarating. 

 Our instructor did not take it easy on us and I totally felt like I was going to die.  Ok maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but I definitely pushed myself harder than I have in a long time.  Towards the end of class the instructor even incorporates an upper body workout using a two or four pound bar. 

I was completely drenched with sweat after the workout and was a little sore from sitting on that tiny bike seat.  My legs were tired, but in a good way, and I can totally see myself taking this class again. 



**Don’t forget – there’s a special offer available for JLC members to Flywheel – act now because it expires 1/31/13