Chameleon’s Journey – Handmade Quilts for the Campers!!

Chameleon’s Journey is an overnight grief camp at Camp Thunderbird in Lake Wylie, SC for children and teens (ages 7-16) who have lost a significant person in their lives.  It’s a place where kids who have suffered tremendous loss find their “tribe” — others who understand exactly what they’re going through because they’ve been there.  It’s a place where they can relax and have fun, and not feel guilty about enjoying themselves.
Lisa Verrier-Christy, member of the Cabarrus Quilter’s Guild, has experienced a lot of lost. This past January, she went to a guild meeting where they were discussing ways to give back to the community and Lisa had a wonderful idea.  She had recently completed her thesis on childhood bereavement and had Chameleon’s Journey on her mind.  She knew it would be an amazing treat (and a unique gift) if each camper had his or her own quilt to have at camp and then take home as a reminder of their weekend.  Lisa pitched the idea to HPCCR and (naturally) received approval.  And thus, the challenge began.
Lisa Verrier-Christy and her many workers made beautiful quilts and donated them to the kids at Chameleon’s Journey.
Here are some of the quilts:
Quilts 1 Quilt 2 Quilt 3 Quilt 4
Watch your mailbox for the winter issue of The Crier to learn more about this year’s Chameleon’s Journey experience.
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