Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Membership Credit Opportunity!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and from Race for the Cure, to the Avon Walk, there are a multitude of events scheduled to bring awareness to the disease.

One in eight women are impacted by the disease and this month focuses on early detection and bringing more awareness to men and women across the board.

Past JLC President Katherine Fuller is just one of millions of women who was diagnosed in her 30’s.  Her detection started when she noticed a bruise on one of her breasts in August of 2011.  Working at a veterinarian clinic she figured it was just from wrestling with a large dog.

“I didn’t think about it again until about two weeks later when I noticed it was not going away. After seeing my OBGYN he felt it was nothing but since I was only 38-years-old and two years away from a mammogram he said let’s go ahead and do one early. I went in for the test and within minutes was taken across the hall for ultrasound. At this time I was concerned but also had been told they check you very thoroughly on your first mammogram so panic had not set in, yet. I was quickly seen by the radiologist who asked if I could come back tomorrow for a biopsy- okay, now panic. He was very upfront and said there was an area of concern,” says Fuller.

Fuller was diagnosed and in October of that year she had surgery followed by months and months of chemo and radiation.

“I am in year two as a survivor. I learned more from this than I could ever imagine. I found inner strength I could never have imagined- never felt sorry for myself and most importantly never got angry or asked “why me?” I found out what an amazing strong support system I had from friends and family. I think most importantly though it showed me what incredible daughters I have; they handled the entire year with such grace and strength that I will be forever proud of,” says Fuller.

Fuller urges every woman to never ignore anything.  Early detection saved her life.

As for the role the Junior League played during her journey?

“I received so much support from my JLC family- from meals to cards to girls night out (which was my first debut with no hair- that takes some special friends!) I don’t think you even realize the depth of the friendships you are making in this wonderful organization.”

The month may be half over but there are still opportunities for members to get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month.

On October 17 the JLC is hosting an awareness event at the JLC Wearhouse.

Partnering with Charlotte Radiology and Susan G. Komen of Charlotte, guest speaker Jodi Huebner-Marquez will be sharing her inspirational story of how breast cancer has affected her life. In addition to bringing awareness to this disease, attendees will also be able to take participate in giveaways and take advantage of special discounts on the WearHouse merchandise. Click here to register online.

Breast Cancer Photo