April Book Review: Drinking Closer To Home: A Novel (P.S.)

Drinking Closer To Home: A Novel (P.S.)
By: Jessica Anya Blau

A common theme you’ll find with me is that I tend to read books that are bestsellers and $5 or less.  This book again falls into that category.

The book begins with three siblings coming back home after their mother, Louise, has a heart attack.  The three adults, Anna, Portia and Emery, spend their time at home reconnecting with each other, interacting with their parents and looking back on their childhood.  The book alternates chapters between the present and childhood.  The stories from the past describe an eclectic family in a very honest way.  For example, Louise is remembered as being a very disengaged mother who was more concerned with partying and going nude than taking care of the house and home.

Overall I enjoyed the book.  It was an entertaining story and good Sunday afternoon read.  I didn’t care for the switching back and forth between present and past every chapter though. This book also didn’t offer any great love story, which I’m typically a sucker for.

With summer vacations right around the corner and book reading weather at Freedom Park- this is one I’d download.

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