Six Tips for Job Hunters


  1.  Create a plan for your job search.  Does your resume need to be updated before you can apply for available positions?  Have you created a list of personal contacts that may be helpful in your job search?  Are your professional designations active?  Create a To Do list of things that will kick start your job search and follow through.
  2. Do a little soul searching.  Are you a lawyer with a passion for helping children?  An accountant who volunteers at a shelter?  Think about what you really want to do before applying for jobs.  If the role you have applied for doesn’t truly fulfill you, consider a career or industry change.  Volunteering in an industry or position you are interested in may give you good exposure to contacts and help you determine if your passion can be converted into a paying position.
  3. Network, Network, Network.  Everyone you already know and are soon to meet are potential contacts or referrals for an open position.  Be friendly and professional when in a potential networking situation, and don’t be afraid to put out feelers to your family and friends.  If they know you are looking, a perfect opportunity may present itself.  Websites such as LinkedIn, Ryze, Ziggs and Biznik are great ways to network online, but don’t discount face-to-face networking.
  4. Go back to school.  Are you interested in a position but aren’t qualified for it?  Do you want to change fields but don’t have any experience?  Consider going back to school for a professional certificate or advanced degree.  Charlotte has a law school (www.charlottelaw.org), multiple business schools (UNC-Charlotte,  Queens University and Wake Forest), and CPCC (http://www.cpcc.edu/cce) offers a number of corporate and continuing education classes as well as professional certification programs (hotel management, graphic arts and imaging, early childhood education and culinary technology, just to name a few).
  5. Be confident.  No matter the circumstances that prompted your job search, be confident in your skills and your ability to perform the duties described for any position that you apply.  Your confidence will show in interviews and make your interview memorable for any potential employers.
  6. Don’t forget training opportunities through the JLC and other non-profits.  The Leadership Development Institute, Public Policy Institute and AJLI’s online training webinars are all offered as part of the JLC’s commitment to training and developing potential leaders.  Other local non-profits offer training programs like the Cultural Leadership Training program and Leadership Charlotte.