Meet a Transfer Member

I recently caught up with Rachel Roe, a new transfer from the Raleigh League. It sounds like she’s off to a great start here in Charlotte.

1. What brought you to Charlotte?
A promotion with my job.

2. Tell me about your favorite thing about Charlotte.
The weather! Great patio bars and restaurants to enjoy outdoors!

3. Have you found any shops or restaurants in Charlotte that we need to know about?
Yes! Restaurants: Amelie’s Bakery, 300 East, and Nolen’s Kitchen. Shops: Cottage Chic, and The Boulevard at South End

4. What was your favorite event at your previous Junior League?
“A Shopping Spree” (Writer’s note: This event is a four-day shopping event showcases regional and national exhibitors offering the latest in fashion and home decor trends, unique gifts and holiday merchandise)

5. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? How has that transitioned into life in your new hometown?
Yoga. I have found several local yoga studios to practice at in Charlotte. One of them is NoDa Yoga in the NoDa district of town, and Okra Yoga which is right down the street from the JLC WearHouse.

6. Have you been shopping at the WearHouse yet? What did you buy?
Yes. I have purchased a pair of Marc Jacobs pants, and a Trina Turk jacket.

7. Have you found any other organizations in Charlotte that you have become involved in? If so, please tell us how you became aware of it, and how you’ve become involved?
Yes, I am a member of the Charlotte Chi Omega Alumnae Association. My sorority’s national website informed me that Charlotte has a local Chi Omega alumnae chapter. I contacted the President of the alumnae chapter and placed my membership.

8. What advice do you have for anyone moving?
If you are moving to Charlotte, I recommend living within the Charlotte city limits! The city has so much to offer (restaurants/bars/shopping/bike trails) to young professionals.