Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House

In February, eight members of the Ronald McDonald House Committee volunteered as Dinner Crew, to cook and serve dinner to families in the house.

Since the committee placement shifts are self-scheduled, and we serve alongside other community volunteers, the committee doesn’t often get the chance to gather as a team. Cooking together in the RMH kitchen gave us a chance to bond and have fun preparing a home-cooked meal.

Friday was a rainy, dreary, day and most of the families in the house spent  the day in the hospital with their children. What they needed was a hot meal and comfort food.

We brought in Bojangles’ fried chicken and biscuits, and the Dinner Crew prepared green beans, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes, from scratch.It was a hit.

As volunteers in the house, we often clean up after brunch or dinner crews and stock the already-full refrigerator with many containers of leftovers. On Friday, most of our dishes were scraped clean.

It was a fun night to meet new committee members, test our culinary skills and to provide the RMH families with a small bit of comfort.

– Whitney, Ronald McDonald House Committee volunteer