Book Review: The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project  By: Gretchen Rubin

I finished this book in under a week and really enjoyed it. Rubin breaks down her yearlong Happiness Project by month. Each month has a particular topic she wants to tackle during that timeframe in an effort see if she can become happier. She explores topics all of us can relate to like Friendship, Money & Attitude.

So let’s get to the obvious question- Do I feel happier after reading this book? No, but I was left thinking about all things I do in my day to day life. When all these little things are stacked up, what is my life really like? Am I usually happy? Am I making the most of every day and not living with regrets?

My favorite chapter was the one on marriage. I have an amazing husband but also recognize that marriages require work. Some of the items Rubin works on during the month to help with hers really resonated with me- quit nagging, don’t expect praise or appreciation and give proofs of love. For example, after reading the chapter I could think of countless times when I had done something around the house and was then upset when my husband didn’t immediately give me a “gold star.” I thought about how my marriage is the most important relationship I have. My marriage makes me happy so it’s important to continuously work on it to keep being happy in life. That reminder alone was worth reading the book.

It’s a book that I feel confident any reader can pull several good takeaways from to apply to their own life.

Negative- caught myself skimming some of the chapters that were a bit drawn out.

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