AJLI Webinar Wednesdays Offering: October 10

Ever wonder what volunteerism looks like around the world? Check out the next AJLI Webinar Wednesdays offering to find out! Click here to register for the October 10 session.

Volunteering Around the World: Is It All the Same?
Featuring: Dr. Jacqueline Rivas (bio)

This Webinar will bring volunteers in the Junior League closer to what other volunteers around the world are doing. Concepts, ideas and trends in volunteering in other countries will also be presented as well as compared to the United States.

Jackie is a researcher on volunteering in Mexico, a country she has lived in for over 50 years. Her experience in the Junior League of Mexico City was key to developing an understanding of the importance of this activity in the Mexican context.

As an advisor in Civil Society matters to the current Mexican President’s wife, Maragarita Zavala and a member of the Global Philanthropy Committee of the Council on Foundations, she will share her years in the volunteer scenario and her international knowledge as well as the information that has come through her current investigations.